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Chelsea Construction - Builder

Thomas Lake Builder, Inc. had been in the business of building, renovating and remodeling homes and business in Pasadena, CA since 1980. Founded on the principles of integrity, sensitivity and trust, their company has earned a reputation for superior workmanship and client satisfaction. As scholars of the various styles of architecture, they are proud to be in the business of BUILDING DREAMS. They work hard to understand the needs of our clients and to articulate the spirit of architect’s design with skill, regardless of vernacular.


Chelsea is a team of builders, designers, collaborators and problem-solvers. Chelsea takes ideas and makes them tangible, livable and sustainable. They do what they do with ingenuity, thoughtfulness, talent, skill and, most importantly, a sense of humor. For over twenty years, Chelsea Construction have been fortunate to work in concert with visionary collaborators and imaginative clients. Their work is a testament to what can be accomplished with teamwork and expertise.



Leslie Black is a Mortgage Banker Associate, contributing to some of the most important roles on the team, Loan Analyst and Pipeline Manager. She communicates and works directly with clients as she is their initial contact throughout the loan process, while guiding and educating borrowers on the loan process. Leslie does a thorough analysis and evaluation of each individual loan application and loan structure that is in her pipeline to make sure sufficient and all applicable documentation is in the loan file before submitting to processing and underwriting. Leslie has been in the Mortgage industry since March of 2015, but her motivation and commitment to the lending business has been solidified and has earned her a vital role on the team. She has been in the finance industry since 2011 at JPMorgan Chase where she was offered the opportunity to get her Series 6 License.


Daniel has been a Sr. Mortgage Banker for 12 years and recently became Branch Manager of Skyline’s Pasadena branch. As a leader in the mortgage industry, he constantly strives to provide a product and service which exceeds my client’s expectations. His team has a combined 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry. They are committed to service excellence as we provide a wide array of products and services to our clients and realtor partners. Daniel understands firsthand how overwhelming obtaining a mortgage in today’s highly regulatory environment can be. His goal is to streamline the process and compartmentalize it so that we walk you through each step one at a time. Daniel provides you with support each and every step of the way through constant communication via email, phone, and text.


At N X T L V L, their main focus is to do just that, take your home's visual aesthetic to the NEXT LEVEL. Whether your home is a three-hundred thousand dollar condo or a 3 million dollar architectural estate, they believe your home deserves the same level of attention no matter what the price point.


For over 160 years, Chicago Title has been helping people achieve the dream of home ownership. Marissa’s team is dedicated to giving quality service and going above and beyond for our clients. They offer the best tools in the business so please do not hesitate to contact her to assist you with all of your title and property needs.


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Realtor Segura is one of the leading real estate agent in Pasadena and has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream home in California.